Welcome to Design Q

Welcome to Design Q.

A premium design consultancy creating unique solutions for the luxury transport sector,

Volkner Mobile Unveils Luxurious Motorcoach With Built-In Garage

Volkner Mobile Unveils Luxurious Motorcoach With Built-In Garage.

Take your luxury sports car with you on your Motorcoach holiday!

Rolls Royce Phantom modified by EDAG – Petrol Head

Rolls Royce Phantom modified by EDAG – Petrol Head.

“…features an articulated roof that allows graceful, upright entry into the Phantom’s recessed rear seat.” 

Rolls Royce Phantom modified by EDAG - Petrol Head


Bugatti to produce eight Veyron World Record Car special editions

Bugatti Partners With French Artist for the Special Edition Veyron Grand Sport Venet

via Bugatti to produce eight Veyron World Record Car special editions.

Z.CAR-II | Zaha Hadid Architects – Arch2O.com

Z.CAR-II | Zaha Hadid Architects – Arch2O.com.

It seems that Zaha is still insisting to surprise us with her fabulous designs, not only in architecture and interior, but far beyond that. Z.CAR-II is a compact 4-wheeled 4-seater city-car that is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the car is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries fitted with 4 electric in-wheel motors that make it an ecofriendly vehicle.

Z.CAR-II | Zaha Hadid Architects - Arch2O.com

Z.Car by Zaha Hadid – Dezeen

Hanseaticmarine – About us

Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames – Home

Bangla Bangers – Chop Shop London Garage

Bangla Bangers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Also a link referring to the TV series, Chop Shop London Garage, which aired on the discovery channel and was about eccentric and unconventional Bangladeshi coachbuilder Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia andfoul-mouthed Cockney mechanic Bernie Fineman. In every episode they and their team attempt to build a supercar in a mere matter of weeks out of an automobile which they generally obtain from a wrecking yard

The show seems to have been cancelled and the website link for the Garage is dead, maybe they’ve changed names, but essentially a good resource to watch for Bespoke Car creations.

Python Vehicles – Australia

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A varying business specialising in Cobra Kit Cars since the 80’s, they also create bespoke designed hot rods, muscle cars and custom choppers.

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