Johnny Chop Adelaide – Custom Chopper Works

Johnny Chop Adelaide – Custom Chopper Works.

All Johnny Chop custom choppers are built to the highest engineering and safety standards and to comply with ADR regulations. Our bikes are designed on a CAD system before they are built to ensure precise handling and performance, and we only use the absolute best quality components in all of our builds.

If you want cheap, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want a kick-ass custom chopper that runs hard, handles perfectly, won’t break and turns heads, we’re your guys! 

The chopper bike industry has it all right with their philosophy of designing and manufacturing bespoke bikes. This same culture and way of industry is missing within the Automotive Car industry, especially within Australia. This is where my project looks to fill a niche gap in the market.


Midnight City Customs

Midnight City Customs. Facebook page

We create custom built motorcycles.
Company Overview

Our 170sqm workshop opened its doors in late 2012 with the goal of offering customs built motorcycles with clean aesthetics and individual styling. From vintage motorcycle and cafe racers to modern superbikes we seek to bring elegance and the appreciation of originality to all our custom builds.

Based in cultral hub of Fitzroy, Melbourne we build motorcycles for clients who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Currently their website is under construction so not too much detail on them, but they are local here in Fitzroy Victoria.

Destino Custom Garage, Custom motorcycles and parts – Custom Bikes

Destino Custom Garage, Custom motorcycles and parts – Custom Bikes.

Inhouse Custom Bike Design Service

Having your bike custom built should be an exciting time not a daunting one. For many of you, you already have an idea of what you like or want, but for others,you may not know where to start. Dont let that stop you heading down the  custom path.  Its our job here to extract as much detail from you as possible.

When we unveil a new bike to its new owner, its quite common to see grown men shed a tear. We can guarantee that we will exceed your expectations. When you purchase a Destino Custom Bike, you receive the Design service as part of your Experience.

Destino Custom Garage, Custom motorcycles and parts - Custom Bikes

It seems that the Motorbike industry pretty much all around the world has a huge Custom/Bespoke culture and Industry set up for creating true bespoke designs from scratch, not just body mods or performance mods.

This industry is a good example to follow in developing my projects Bespoke Automotive Design and Manufacture business model.

Deus Australia : Custom Motorcycles & Surfboards, Clothing, Bicycles, Art & Culture

Paul Jr Designs – Tee Shirts and Lifestyle Merchandise from The Hit Show American Chopper

Paul Jr Designs – Tee Shirts and Lifestyle Merchandise from The Hit Show American Chopper.

American Chopper and Orange County Co-founder, son of Paul Teutful parted ways and started his own custom motorbike, wheels, accessories and clothing business.

Paul Jr is the head designer and fabricator of paul jr. designs.

Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers.

One of the best examples of Bespoke/Custom Design and Manufacture. Orange County Choppers design each bike to be completely unique and no two bikes are the same. With in house design, they design the bike from scratch including the frame design, any fairings, petrol tanks, rims and accessories to go with the bike. They make most of the bike in-house, using OEM parts for engines and other mechanical aspects and some accessories, but outsource to local manufacturers when they require certain parts to be made such as a bespoke design fuel tank and wrapping it in leather.

Creating some bikes that are worth over US$500,000 for private clients as well as producing promotional bikes for corporate events.

Orange County Choppers

Python Vehicles – Australia

About Us.

A varying business specialising in Cobra Kit Cars since the 80’s, they also create bespoke designed hot rods, muscle cars and custom choppers.

Orange County Choppers

Best custom bikes

Small article that mentions some key players in the Bespoke/Custom design and manufacture of motorbikes; Orange County Choppers and Roger Goldammer.

How these bikes are well designed and have an exclusive factor due to the unique frame design for each bike, engine design, body work, gas tank designs, paintwork and accessories.

Highly unique and produced by individual artisans in limited numbers.

The custom industry has become popular because it allows people to select from the wide variety of options available in the market.

The motorbike industry is a great area for me to research on with the extent of bespoke designed and manufactured bikes.

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